AIO Wireless Launching Nationwide Starting Mid September

"AIO Wireless"AIO Wireless, the prepaid wireless company owned by AT&T is going nationwide with it’s service after conducting months of testing in select markets. The are entering the prepaid wireless market that is already crowded with some established competitors like T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Criket, and Straight Talk. However, AIO Wireless is coming in with a compelling offer. For example, their smartphone plans start at $55 with 2GB of high-speed data. Also, if you are bringing your own smartphone, your SIM Card will only cost you just $10, which is very reasonable to get a prepaid phone activated. Here are some highlights of their offerings:

"AIO Wireless Plans"The $70/mo plan for unlimited talk, text and data (for 7GB at high speeds) is going draw a lot of budget conscious consumers. T-Mobile has a similar plan for $70 with unlimited data. However, AIO Wireless is hoping to leverage AT&T’s extensive network coverage to their advantage – over T-Mobile. Also, 7GB of data is plenty, even for the heavy users.

One thing that is still not clear is the issue of data throttling. AIO is said to throttle data after you exceed the 7GB for the $70 plan. However, there is rumor out there that all the data is throttled. We are going to look into this and update this post with a final answer on the throttle issue. We also plan to do a full review of their plans, network, customer service and more once we have used their service for a period. Until then, we are very excited about their entry into the market and hope that they bring a higher level of service and support to a prepaid phone industry that is notorious for poor service, especially when it comes to customer service and support.

In the meantime, we would love to hear from you about your experience so far with AIO Wireless – the good, the bad (we hope not) and the ugly (we definitely hope not).